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Dining Room Table Pad - Custom made to fit any table! - DC

Product Code / SKU: OTPC-DT-DC

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Retail Price: $899.00 CDN

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Items included in this listing:

  • Dining Room Table Pad
  • Custom made for any table!
  • Two Leaves
  • Color Choices Click here for top and bottom color choices.

Available Options:

Top Color: *

Bottom Color: *

Storage Bag 18": *

Storage Bag 24": *

Table Pad Storage Bag: *

Oversized Table Pad: *

Add Outside Leaves: *

Add a Leaf: *

Product Description:

This custom-made protective dining room table pad guards your table against scratches, spills and accidental heat sources. Individually crafted by Ohio Table Pad Company to fit your table, these insulating pads are easily folded for quick storage and are built to last a lifetime.

What If I Have A Really Big Dining Table?
Please note that the price is for up to 80" for the table pad. While the price for the leaves is for up to 24". Rectangular dining table pads over 80" in length will be charged an extra $3.00 / inch. If your rectangular dining table is over 80" in length, please select the extra amount in the available option 'Oversized Table Pad'.

For Round Dining Table Pad Covers:
Table pads for round dining tables can cover a maximum of 54" in diameter (included in the price). Round dining table pads over 54" in diameter will be charged an extra $3.00 / inch. If your round dining table is over 54" in diameter, please select the extra amount in the available option Oversized Table Pad. Call Toll Free 866-595-8930 for help on calculating your total price.

Color Choices:
Click here for top and bottom color choices.

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Actual Customer's Table Pad Cover: - (Click to Enlarge)

Covering Table with Two Leaves

Fits Round Dining Tables

Soft Cloth Backing Protects Table

Dining Table Pad Open Detail
at WFB Office!

Dining Table Pad Closed Detail
at WFB Office!

Available Options:
Learn more about the available options for the dining table pad below. Please feel free to call us toll free at (866) 595-8930 if you would like help choosing the right available options for your dining table pad.

Storage Bags:
Add one or two 18" or 24" storage bags in the available options above to keep your dining table leaves protected when not being used. The 18" storage bag holds an 18" leaf and the 24" storage bag holds a 24" leaf. The Table Pad Storage Bag can hold an entire dining table pad and two leaves on average.

Storage Bag Sample: - (Click to Enlarge)
Table Pad Storage Bag

When Ordering:
Please Note: We know that there are hundreds of table manufacturers and thousands of tables available on the market for you to purchase. We want your table pad to fit over your table perfectly. Please feel free to call (866) 595-8930 if you need assistance.

In 'comments' box during checkout:
  • Indicate manufacturer and model of your table. Do not worry, if you don't know the manufacturer, we'll send you a tracing kit.
  • Specify top and bottom color preference.

  • Please Note:
    Every dining table pad is custom made to fit your table. You cannot return your customized dining table pad after it is delivered. If the dining table pad you receive does not fit your table, you can call us toll free at (866) 595-8930 and we will have it replaced at no cost to you.

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    Materials / Construction:

      Pad Material:
    • Duravel, a precision acrylic nylon flock laminated to a heavy cloth backing. Durable yet soft, with high chemical stability

    • Adhesives:
    • High strength, permanently flexible water-based adhesives, assuring a resilient bond to avoid potential warping problems

    • Heat Resistance:
    • 550F protection at table surface against accidental heat sources

    • MagnaLock (Ohio Table Pad Company's patented locking device)
      Our patent pending locking system is simple, easy to use, locks the pad securely and is totally hidden from view as the magnets are installed inside the bottom covering material. Will not wear out with time as there are no moving parts and stays in place due to being covered with the velour material. This system has state of the art functionality and durability.

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    Ohio Table Pad Company

    Ohio Table Pad Company

    Dining Room Table Pad - Custom made to fit any table! - DC

    Product Code / SKU: OTPC-DT-DC

    Retail Price: $899.00 CDN

    Your Price: $449.00 CDN

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