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Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands at - Add More Workspace to your Kitchen

Your busy kitchen should be well-furnished with stylish and functional furniture that will provide storage space or working space, which are essential features of kitchen furniture. With so many kitchen appliances on your table tops and counter space, you may not have enough room for preparing meals.

A kitchen island is a great way to add more counter space to your kitchen. If you've been having a hard time looking for space to prepare meals on among the various things competing for room in your kitchen, it will be a portable solution to your kitchen needs. You get a work area to chop, cut, and slice on as well as additional storage space.

Wholesale Furniture Brokers Canada has an impressive collection of kitchen island choices manufactured by trusted furniture companies such as Powell Company and Linon Home Decor. They are exquisitely-designed to answer the needs of the modern day kitchen. The pieces are sturdy, durable, and will surely last for many years. The versatile designs enable you to keep your kitchen island even through changes in your kitchen interior design.

Browse through our main kitchen furniture gallery for bar sets, baker's racks, and much more. You can customize your order to fit your particular needs. Just call our toll free number at (866) 595-8930 to let us know how we can provide you with functional furniture that you'll love. You can also click on our Live Chat option for assistance.

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Kitchen Islands - Country Cottage Kitchen Island Table with Drop Leaves


SALE $999.99

Kitchen Islands - Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island by Linon Home Decor

    This Listing Includes:
  • Kitchen Island


SALE $329.00

Kitchen Islands - Natural Kitchen Island

Natural Kitchen Island by Linon Home Decor

    This Listing Includes:
  • Kitchen Island


SALE $329.00

Pick a Kitchen Cart Countertop That Caters to Your Needs

Choose a kitchen cart countertop that suits your design and functional needs. A wood countertop would complement a country kitchen theme and is durable and affordable. A stainless steel countertop would match a modern kitchen design and is easy to clean and maintain. A butcher block countertop is advisable if you will be doing a lot of cutting and chopping as it is specially designed for such activities.

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