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Sonoma Cherry Twin Platform Storage Bed by Prepac - Monterey Series - DC

Product Code / SKU: PP-CBT-4100-2K-DC

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Items included in this listing:

  • Twin Platform Storage Bed

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Product Description:

The Sonoma Cherry Twin Platform Storage Bed by Prepac has a practical design that combines extra deep drawers for plenty of storage space with a slat support system. Three large drawers positioned below the bed are easy to access and can accommodate clothing or anything you need to store. Wood slats positioned lengthwise distribute body weight evenly and minimize the amount of motion transfer. Linen, blankets, and magazines are just a few of the things you can store inside the drawers. This bed is made from composite wood, solid wood slats, metal supports, and high quality hardware.

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Bed Headboard


Tall Nightstand


5 Drawer Chest

Tall Chest



Please Note - Prepac Furniture is Ready to Assemble. Your furniture can be assembled quickly and easily with the easy-to-follow assembly instructions that are included. Only Free Basic Home Delivery is available for Prepac products.

Prepac Return Policy

Due to the "Made to Order" nature of Prepac furniture, returns are not accepted. When you order any Prepac product, your furniture is then manufactured, packaged and shipped. As such, all purchases of Prepac furniture will be considered final. Under no circumstances will a Prepac product be accepted for a return.

However, Prepac and Wholesale Furniture Brokers Canada stands by the quality of its furniture. If a product proves to be defective in manufacturing, material, or workmanship, a similar replacement part will be provided at no charge.

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Color / Finish:

  • Cherry

Materials / Construction:

  • Composite Wood and MDF with Laminate
  • Plywood Drawer Sides
  • Metal Drawer Glides with Built in Safety Stops
  • Plywood Slats
  • Solid Brushed Nickel Knobs
  • Weight Limit: 250lbs


Twin Platform Storage Bed (PP-CBT-4100-2K): 41"W x 76.5"D x 18.75"H
Twin Bookcase Headboard (PP-CSH-4543): 44.5"W x 10.25"D x 55.75" H
Full Platform Storage Bed (PP-CBD-5600-3K): 57"W x 76.5"D x 18.75"H
Full Bookcase Headboard (PP-CSH-6643): 65.75"W x 11"D x 43"H
Queen Platform Storage Bed (PP-CBQ-6200-3K): 63"W x 81.75"D x 18.75"H
Queen Bookcase Headboard (PP-CSH-6643): 65.75"W x 11"D x 43"H
King Platform Storage Bed (PP-CBK-8400-K): 78.5"W x 81.5"D x 18.75"H
King Bookcase Headboard (PP-CSH-8445): 81.5"W x 11"D x 43"H

2 Drawer Nightstand (PP-CDC-2422): 23.25"W x 16"D x 21.75"H
2 Drawer Tall Nightstand with Open Cubbie (PP-CDC-2428): 23.25"W x 16"D x 28"H
6 Drawer Dresser (PP-CDC-6330-K): 60"W x 16"D x 29"H
5 Drawer Chest (PP-CDC-3345-K): 31.5"W x 16"D x 45.25"H
6 Drawer Tall Chest (PP-CDC-2354-K): 60"W x 16"D x 29"H
Bench (PP-CSC-4820): 48"W x 15.75"D x 20"H

Memory Foam Mattresses:

Twin 6" (QS-RT-PI-VIGO-TWNX0910): 39"W x 74"D x 6"H
Twin 8" Eloquence (QS-RT-PI-DRMCFRELOQU2S39MC): 38"W x 75"D x 8"H
Twin 10" Allure (QS-RT-PI-DRMCFRALLURES39MC): 38"W x 75"D x 10"H
Full 6" (QS-RT-PI-VIGO-FLNX0910): 54"W x 74"D x 6"H
Full 8" Eloquence (QS-RT-PI-DRMCFRELOQU2D54MC): 54"W x 75"D x 8"H
Full 10" Allure (QS-RT-PI-DRMCFRALLURED54MC): 54"W x 75"D x 10"H
Queen 6" (QS-RT-PI-VIGO-QNNX0910): 60"W x 80"D x 6"H
Queen 8" Eloquence II (QS-RT-PI-DRMCFRELOQU2Q60MC): 60"W x 80"D x 8"H
Queen 10" Allure (QS-RT-PI-DRMCFRALLUREQ60MC): 60"W x 80"D x 10"H
King 8" Eloquence II (QS-RT-PI-DRMCFRELOQU2K76MC): 76"W x 80"D x 8"H
King 10" Allure (QS-RT-PI-DRMCFRALLUREK76MC): 76"W x 80"D x 10"H
King 12" Lake Breeze (QS-RT-PI-LAKE-KGYX1027): 76"W x 80"D x 12"H

Pocket Coil Mattresses:

Twin 9" Galaxy (QS-RT-PI-GALX-TWNX1351): 39"W x 75"D x 9"H
Full 9" Galaxy (QS-RT-PI-GALX-FLNX1351): 54"W x 75"D x 9"H
Full 10.5" Orion (QS-RT-PI-ORIO-FLNX1502): 54"W x 75"D x 10.5"H
Queen 9" Galaxy (QS-RT-PI-GALX-QNNX1351): 60"W x 80"D x 9"H
Queen 10.5" Orion (QS-RT-PI-ORIO-QNNX1502): 60"W x 80"D x 10.5"H
Queen 12" Comet (QS-RT-PI-COME-QNYX1502): 60"W x 80"D x 12"H
King 9" Galaxy (QS-RT-PI-GALX-KGNX1351): 76"W x 80"D x 9"H
King 10.5" Orion (QS-RT-PI-ORIO-KGNX1502): 76"W x 80"D x 10.5"H
King 12" Comet (QS-RT-PI-COME-KGYX1502): 76"W x 80"D x 12"H

Mattress Protectors:

Novo Shield Twin Mattress Protector (KAM-4104-T)
Novo Shield Full Mattress Protector (KAM-4104-D)
Novo Shield Queen Mattress Protector (QS-4104-Q)
Novo Shield King Mattress Protector (QS-4106-KG)

Memory Foam Pillow

Standard Celebrity Pillow (QS-PI-DRMCOLCELBRS): 25"W x 17"D x 5.5"H
Nordic Standard Gel Foam Pillow (QS-RT-PI-NORP-ST1758): 25"W x 17"D x 5.5"H

Storage Bed Internal Drawer Dimensions: 21.5"W x 5"H x 18"D

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Sonoma Cherry Twin Platform Storage Bed by Prepac - Monterey Series - DC

Product Code / SKU: PP-CBT-4100-2K-DC

Retail Price: $519.00 CDN

Your Price: $399.00 CDN

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