Mattress Buying Guide: By Sleep Style

Good health and a good night’s sleep are directly related, so having the right mattress is incredibly important. We’ve compiled a list of tips on buying a mattress and pillow based on your sleep style to help you in your decision.

A mattress needs to support your body in a neutral position that keeps your back, neck, and shoulders in alignment. There has been no clinical evidence that any type of mattress benefits any one specific sleep issue so it’s incredibly important to figure out what type of mattress works best for your comfort level. If a mattress is too firm it will not support your body evenly which puts pressure on your back, shoulders, and neck. If it’s too soft or old and saggy you’ll sink in too far in some areas and have a hard time sleeping.

Sleeping on your side is the most common sleep position. You need a mattress that eliminates the stress on your shoulders and hips. A slightly softer mattress is a great option for this type of sleep position, as it allows your body to sink into the mattress just enough to relieve the pressure on your spine. Try pairing a softer memory foam or conventional mattress with a memory foam pillow that supports your neck. An even sleeping surface is key to making sure your spine and joints remain stress free.

Recommendations: 10" Allure Medium Firm Memory Foam, 12" Ocean Breeze Cool Gel Memory Foam

If you sleep on your back the most important part of a good night’s sleep is lower back support. You should avoid stiff mattresses. A firm memory foam mattress that contours to the body with just enough support is the best bet. If you prefer a conventional mattress, try an extra firm innerspring mattress. For your neck support you want a firm pillow that will support your neck evenly.

Recommendations: 8" Eloquence Firm Memory Foam, 10" Allure Medium Firm Memory Foam

A stomach sleeper generally suffers from some lower back pain, which can get worse if your mattress is saggy or extra soft. You want an extra firm mattress that won’t allow your body to sink and cause extensive pressure on your spine. As for your pillow, a thinner supportive pillow is best to keep your neck in alignment with the rest of your body.

Recommendations: 8" Eloquence Firm Memory Foam

Most people are combination sleepers, which means that they move around a lot in bed trying to get comfortable. In this case it’s important that you pick a mattress that is the most comfortable. You’ll want to find a mattress that allows you a comfortable position in all three common sleeping styles.

Recommendations: 8" Eloquence Firm Memory Foam, 10" Allure Medium Firm Memory Foam

Wholesale Furniture Brokers recommends the Celebrity Memory Foam Pillow for all types of sleepers, it helps cradle your neck which reduces stress on your spine in any position.

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