Mattress Sizes Guide

Mattress Sizes Guide

Dimensions by Size:
Crib: 28"W x 52"D (71 x 132 cm)
Twin (Single): 39"W x 75"D (99 x 190 cm)
Twin XL (Single XL): 39"W x 80"D (99 x 203 cm)
Full (Double): 54"W x 75"D (137 x 190 cm)
Queen: 60"W x 80"D (152 x 203 cm)
King (Eastern King): 76"W x 80"D (193 x 203 cm)
California King (Western King): 72"W x 84"D (183 x 213 cm) 

Buying a mattress is an important venture. One has to consider a lot of things in order to make a good decision as to which mattress will offer a refreshing and relaxing night?s sleep. The type of mattress, construction materials, warranty, durability, and the comfort it gives are all important. The mattress you invest your money in needs to fit you.

With the availability of so many mattress sizes, you may have experienced some confusion as to which will fit your bed or frame best. This article will help you make the right decision about the proper mattress size. Read on to know more before you go out on your shopping expedition.

Crib Size
A crib size mattress measures 28 by 52 inches (71 by 132 centimenters). These mattresses are used exclusively in baby cribs. Cribs mattresses are not very transitional as they do not fit any other standard size bed.

Twin Size

Also commonly called: Single Size
This mattress measures 38 by 75 inches (or 96 by 190 centimeters). There is just enough room for a little more movement without feeling cramped or falling off the bed. This size is also known as single size in some countries. Usually used for children's beds, trundle beds, and daybeds. Consider a twin size if you are short on space or working with a limited budget. Twin size mattresses usually measure from 5 inches to 20 inches thick. For bunk beds or kids beds smaller thicknesses are recommended.

Extra-Long Twin Size
Also commonly called: Twin XL or Single XL
The dimensions of this mattress are 38 by 80 inches (or 96 by 203 centimeters). This is ideal for growing kids so you won't have to change mattresses during their teenage years. This size is also typically used in college dorms. Twin XL mattresses may be a great solution for couples with different firmness preferences as two Twin XL mattresses pushed together measure the same as a standard king set.

Full Size
Also commonly called: Double Size
This mattress measures 54 by 75 inches (or 137 by 90 centimeters). It is big enough for two people. However, it doesn't give you much space for elbow room and may even be short in length for some. The full size mattress is ideal for guest rooms and smaller rooms. Many Queen and Full size mattresses are very similar in cost, so consider carefully your needs before choosing to go for a slightly less expensive full size mattress.

Queen Size
The queen size mattress measures 60 by 80 inches (or 153 by 203 centimeters). This is the more popular mattress size choice. It provides more room for two adults, though not so much room available for each as when a single adult occupies a twin bed. For other people, they may still find this size a bit cramped.

King Size
Also commonly called: Eastern King Size

The king size mattress measures 76 by 80 inches (198 by 203 centimeters). This mattress gives two adults plenty of elbow room. It gives each as much room as one gets when occupying a twin size bed. This mattress offers the widest sleeping surface and is ideal for master bedrooms.

California King Size
Also commonly called: Western King Size
The california king size mattress measures 72 by 84 inches (183 by 203 centimeters). This is a good mattress option for taller adults who find the king size mattress a bit short for a comfortable night's sleep. This mattress, because of its length, may not easily fit into smaller rooms so you may want to make sure that your space can accommodate this mattress before purchasing.

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