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Condo Furniture: Condominium Small Size Furniture

  • True Contemporary Sofa Klik Klack Sofa Bed with Arms - Available in 4 Colours
    True Contemporary Sofa Green Klik Klack Sofa Bed with Arms - Available in 4 Colours
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    Klik Klack Sofa Bed with Arms - Available in 4 Colours

    Description Items Included Sofa Bed 2 Accent Pillows Fresh style with a sleek look and a dual purpose. This contemporary sofa bed fits beautiful...

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Condo Furniture

Short for condominium, condo furniture is small size furniture for small balcony living space - studio flats, bachelor apartments, loft-style dwellings, and single or multiple bedroom units. If you looking to buy condo size furniture, you are in the right place. We sell a wide range of living room, dining room, and bedroom small size furniture for every style of small living spaces in an assortment of traditional or minimal to modern and contemporary designs. Browser our massive online catalog now and take advantage of our great condo furniture sale and discounted prices and receive free shipping anywhere in Canada.

Condo Furniture Buying Guide

The most important step before making any furniture purchases for your condo or apartment living spaces is to measure your room dimensions and plot out possible furniture configurations. All of our product listings include size details, and some pieces - such as sectional couches - have multiple assembly arrangements so they can be customized to fit your room.

Don't be afraid of larger furniture. Sometimes fewer but larger pieces can open up space more than multiple smaller items. Once you have worked out your room dimensions, explore all of the possible furnishing options. For example, a larger sectional couch could replace a couch, loveseat, and chair and make the room look less cluttered without reducing seating space or viewing angles.

Find functional, multi-use furniture. Make every piece useful in a variety of ways to increase its value in your room, or combine functions into a single item. For example, a storage ottoman may be a better fit for a smaller sitting room than a coffee table, because it can keep extra linens and pillows tucked away while also serving as a comfortable footrest or an extra seat. Find a bed with built-in under-bed or headboard storage to reduce or eliminate the need for additional furniture pieces in your bedroom to create more floor space while still keeping your room functional.

When furnishing and decorating any smaller room, it is important to think vertically. Make the most of your floor space by choosing taller, rather than wider pieces to make the most of your floor and wall space. Replace a dresser with a chest or armoire, mount your TV on the wall, or use wall shelving for storing or displaying without taking up unnecessary floor space. Don't be afraid to get creative, and customize your storage needs to suit the size and style of your room.

Finally, a lighter color palette, floor-length curtains or drapes, and strategically placed mirrors and lighting for creating reflections, can all help establish the illusion of space while also giving your room added comfort and style.