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Dining Tables, Kitchen Tables & Dining Table Sets

Browse through our dining tables gallery and find differently-sized pieces in a variety of styles. Whether you need around, rectangle, wood, or glass top dining table, you can find what you need in our growing collection.

Manufacturers such as Zuo Modern and Alphaville Design make incredible designs of modern dining tables. Glass tables with metal or steel legs are regular pieces in a modern-themed dining room. They give a sleek and industrial look that characterizes the modern home design.

Contemporary dining tables feature clean lines with a rounder or softer touch. These could be glass tables with wooden legs or simple wood designs. They don't have heavy ornamentation or exquisite designs. The smooth and usually dark finish gives them a versatility that you'll appreciate as you easily match the table with other dining room furniture pieces.

The classic or traditional dining room tables in our collection will give a richer character to your space. We have a variety of exquisite designs for you to choose from.

First-rate materials, the latest innovations in furniture-making and exceptional craftsmanship all combine to make these quality pieces. Trusted manufacturers such as Powell Company, American Drew, True Contemporary, Fairmont Designs, Modloft, and Rizzon Furniture are committed to bringing you dining tables that will make your dining room a fashionable, functional, and comfortable gathering place for your friends and family.

Pick Out the Appropriate Table for Your Dining Room

When choosing a dining table, you have to pick out a piece that matches the home design theme you have in your dining room. If you want a modern look, a glass dining table with steel legs will contribute to the atmosphere you're going for. A wooden table with a simple design will give that softer edge for a contemporary design. A heavy wooden table with delicate carvings and a superb design will fit right in with your traditional tone.

A dining table is the centerpiece of your dining room so make sure you choose one that will be the pride of your space and the envy of your guests.