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hush blankets

With the highest quality fabrics available, Hush makes the world's best-weighted blankets in the world. You can now buy Hush blankets at Wholesale Furniture Brokers at factory price and get quick shipping anywhere in Canada.

The weighted blankets may help address a host of health problems such as insomnia, anxiety, and order sleep-related disorders. While some people may feel comfortable and warm, weighted blankets can produce a “calming effect” in kids and adults with a sensory processing disorder. 

Hush Products We Offer in Canada

1. Hush Kids Weighted Blankets

hush kids weighted blanket

Our Hush weighted blankets for kids help your child can sleep throughout the night and manage anxiety better than ever before. Made with very soft breathable cotton material, these blankets come with child-friendly covers that display a different design on either side. Specially designed for between 40-70 pounds, the kid's blankets come in 36x48 inches standard size.

2. Original Cooling Weighted Blankets

cooling weighted blanket

Living in summers lately? Well, you can explore the Hush range of cooling weighted blankets that keep you cool all night long. Specifically made from a super-soft and stretchy blend of bamboo and cotton, the cooling weighted blanket is pockets of non-toxic glass sand, evenly distributed to add weight across your body without sagging. As they say, If you are a hot sleeper or simply want to enjoy the benefits of a Hush during the summer months, the Hush Iced cooling blanket was made for you. 

3. Iced Cooling Sheets and Pillow Sets 

iced cool pillows and bedsheets

Ready to complement your bed, your body, and your sleep tonight? Enjoy our softest, coolest Hush Iced fabric in the form of our new bedsheets! Sleep like you never have before with and complete your Hush Iced look with this sweat-wicking set. Made out of bamboo, cotton, and spandex, the Iced cooling pillows have even distribution of soft fabric that provides you a good neck support. 

Well, there is not just one but plenty of reasons why you should choose Hush Blankets over the ones you may find in Walmart or Kijiji. Order online today and get rid off anxiety forever.