CIEUX Sectional Natural Canvas / Right Arm Facing Marseille Sectional with Chaise - 2 Colours, 2 Configurations Save 42%

Marseille Sectional with Chaise - 2 Colours, 2 Configurations


Description Get an extra 30% OFF on all Cieux patio furniture until October 21 with coupon code: OUT30 Items Included in This Listing: Sofa Ch...

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Save 42%
CIEUX Sectional Provence Sectional with Ottoman / Glass-Top Coffee Table - Available in 3 Colours Save 32%

Provence Sectional with Ottoman / Glass-Top Coffee Table - Available in 3 Colours


Description Get an extra 30% OFF on all Cieux patio furniture until October 21 with coupon code: OUT30 Items Included: Left Arm Chair Right Ar...

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Save 32%
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Outdoor Patio Furniture

patio furniture

Looking to buy outdoor patio furniture online? You are in the right place. Here is the most popular patio furniture you can buy on sale in Canada. The patio season is here and we at Wholesale Furniture Brokers are running patio furniture sale to provide our customer with heavy discounts on their outdoor furniture purchase. We have a large inventory of outdoor patio furniture and related accessories at great prices. Our patio furniture is also featured on Walmart, JYSK, Canadian tire, IKEA, Costco, Lowes, Canadian Superstore, and Leons. If you are looking to buy outdoor sectionals, daybeds, outdoor dining sets then this is your time.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Selection:

Before you begin selecting your patio furniture this summer, there are a few basic things to consider when it comes to space, practicality, and budgeting. Make sure you are aware of the dimensions of your deck, so you can find pieces that fit.

  1. For smaller spaces, only the essentials are needed, whereas a more spacious porch can accommodate multiple pieces and accessories.
  2. It is also important to have some idea of who will be using the outdoor furniture - small family use, or frequent entertaining? 
  3. Does the area provide some protection from the elements - such as a covered sundeck or sunroom, or will the patio furniture receive full exposure? 
  4. Lastly, you need to think about moving and storing your outdoor furniture when it is not in use. 

All these things need to be factored into your planning and budgeting and are great places to start to help focus your shopping. If you need help choosing the pieces that are right for you or have any questions about our products, call us toll-free to connect with one of our personal shopping assistants right away. Order from our online catalog today and enjoy our great sales and discounts, as well as free shipping to your home Canada-wide.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Types:

Outdoor Sectionals

At Wholesale Furniture Brokers, our goal is to provide our customers the best assortment of quality outdoor patio furniture including curved sectional sofas, half round sectional sofas, corner sectional sofas, L-shaped sectional sofas, U-shaped patio sectionals, outdoor sofa sets and more for your patio, deck or backyard oasis.  Outdoor sectionals have quickly increased in popularity especially when they are modular in nature as this gives the owner the ability to use their patio set in any number of ways.  If your backyard changes or you move you will be able to change your corner patio sectional into a U-shaped sectional or outdoor sofa set or use the modular patio pieces individually to create a custom patio configuration.

Outdoor Sofas

Outdoor sofas are great for outdoor sitting. We are offering round, L-shaped, and convertible sofas. They come with high style and affordable price options. If you have limited space in your backyard, we also offer small outdoor sofas which can easily fit in small spaces. The sofas are carefully crafted with premium quality flat resin wicker in a dark chocolate finish, and hand-woven onto a sturdy powder-coated aluminum frame. Each cushion is upholstered in a top of the line Sunbrella fabric which is a high-end outdoor performance fabric and protects against mildew, stains and is also water repellent. You will be excited to know that we will soon run an outdoor sofa sale. This sale will only run at our physical address in Kamloops, Canada.


Patio furniture is incomplete without a daybed. Lay back and relax atop the plush round mattress cushion with three pillows, all beautifully upholstered in coastal Spectrum Mist Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella is a leading brand in high-end outdoor performance fabrics and is designed to be mildew and stain resistant, water repellent, and UV resistant to ensure lasting softness and brightness.

Outdoor Dining Set 

A regular outdoor dining set typically features a larger table with more seating. Whereas if you are talking about outdoor dining set, we are offering 9,7 and 5-piece outdoor dining sets. With enough space for sitting but smaller in size, they are sometimes called Bistro sets. The dimensions of the outdoor dining set are less than the traditional kitchen dining room furniture. These dining sets are available in aluminum and wooden frames. The teak wood dining sets are very popular among Canadians.

Outdoor Patio Umbrellas 

On our list of patio furniture is a patio umbrella. When the urge to sit back and relax hits you and you just need a little shade while you enjoy a book and a glass of Merlot, that's when the Umbrella becomes your best friend. Enjoy the sunny summer days, but keep in mind that everything is better in moderation. Each offset umbrella is made with a sturdy metal frame and high-end outdoor performance fabric which is mildew and stain resistant, water repellent, and UV resistant to ensure the colors remain bright. All materials can be easily cleaned using warm water and mild soap for low-maintenance care and lasting durability. Included with the umbrella is a solid marble base for stability and smooth gliding wheels which provide easy mobility. 

The most common materials for constructing patio furniture include: plastic/PVC - lightweight and often stackable and easy to clean and maintain; wicker - natural rattan, or synthetic resin (all-weather) material that is lightweight, durable, and low-maintenance; aluminum - lightweight and resistant to rusting and fading; wood - a durable and sturdy material with a natural and rustic look but will fade if not treated; and wrought-iron & steel - solid and durable but prone to rusting.
Many patio sets include removable cushions for added comfort and color, covered with either Olefin or Sunbrella fabrics in a variety of vibrant colors, which lead the industry in quality outdoor furniture upholstery. Both materials are mildew, stain, UV, water repellent, and easy to clean, making them ideal for outdoor performance fabric.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Care:

The outdoor patio is an expensive piece of furniture. If they are taken care of, they can last up to 15 years. We are providing you simple ways on how you can take care of your precious patio.
  • Plastic/PVC - wash with soapy water and rinse. For example, Resin synthetic wicker.
  • Aluminum - Apply car wax or mineral oil to protect the surface; wash with soapy water and rinse.
  • Wood - Touch up with paint with UV filters to help prevent fading; coat with wood oil to maintain brightness and original finished look; may require light sanding to remove splinters; wash with mild soapy water and rinse.
  • Wrought-iron/Steel - Apply a protective finish to prevent rusting; may require paint touch-ups for cracks; wash with mild soap and rinse.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Sale:

Take advantage of our patio furniture sale which starts in June 2018. This patio furniture clearance sale will run till fall 2019. Anyone who is interested in our patio sale can register online with a valid email address. The customer will receive a coupon code which can be used for an extra discount on any patio furniture. We highly encourage every Canadian to take part in our patio for sale event which will be posted shortly. The sale coupons are valid in Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Kelowna, Kamloops, Hamilton, Quebec, Victoria, Winnipeg, Brampton, Montreal, and Mississauga.

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