7 Inch Pluto Full Size Continuous Coil Mattress

by Primo International
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7 Inch Pluto Continuous Coil Mattress

The 7 Inch Pluto Continuous Coil Mattress, provides a better night's sleep, allowing you to wake up with renewed energy.  The 6.4-inch Bonnell coils are wrapped in a soft knitted fabric.  Standard Bonnell coils are knotted, round-top, hourglass-shaped steel wire coils, which are then laced together with cross wire helicals. This is a simple innerspring design called a Bonnell unit, and it is the oldest and most durable of mattress designs.  The Pluto features a comfy tight top mattress design, giving semi-firm support, which is ideal for side or stomach sleepers.    

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54" W x 75" L x 7" H


  • Tight Top Design
  • Wrap Knitted Fabric
  • Coil Count: 216(T), 234(F)
  • 6.4" Bonnell Coils (11.3 Gauge)
  • 15 Gauge Cross-Wire Helical Lacing
  • 0.59" 20D Foam
  • Fire Retardant Barrier
  • 1 Year Full Warranty

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