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6 Best Home and Décor Blogs for Inspirational DIY Ideas

6 Best Home and Décor Blogs for Inspirational DIY Ideas

Ever find yourself spending hours scrolling through furniture options online? Creating a list of selected items, but not being able to make a final decision? I do... More than I'd like to admit. 

Not too long ago, I decided to refurbish my living room (on a budget). I saved plenty of pieces that I had stumbled across from all over the web. My list included a variety of sofas, comfortable chairs, rugs, shelving, lighting options and an endless amount of side-tables and end-tables. As I was scrolling through my selection I realized that I had not curated it with much care. The colours were clashing, the styles were not compatible, the fabrics weren't matching... Did this mean my style was a (terrifying) mix of retro and absolute chaos? 

After speaking to some friends about my apparently horrible taste, I was glad that they all confirmed that I was not alone in this. They told me about their own horrible lists of mismatched furniture... And so I decided we could all use some help from the experts A.K.A. the internet. 


Poppytalk is one of our absolute favourite blogs and Instagram profiles. They fill their feed with a healthy mix of DIY, architecture, home design, & decoration. Apart from their gorgeous instagram feed, their actual web blog is phenomenal. Our favourite part are the inspirational blogs and post based on geographical location. Find a country you like, and see what is inspiring or trending over there!

Scandinavian Furniture Inspiration

Styleathome Wholesale Furniture Brokers Canada

Another Instagram profile that we could happily scroll through till the end of time... (okay, maybe till the end of our work day, and then some more). Favourite aspect of their feed: the highlights are based on a variety of styles. Their website is filled with articles ranging from celebrity homes to house tours, DIY's, exteriors, and blogs organized by room. 

Style at Home - Canadian furniture inspiration


Home Stratosphere brings us back on our feet when we have gotten lost in the world of online furniture shopping. One of our favourite sections is the furniture part of their website. They provide an endless amount of lists for all kinds of furniture you can think of. Thinking of buying a Murphy Bed or a Pull-out Sofa for your guest room? Good chance that this site will help you decide on which to buy, as their lists showcase what kind of options there are around...

Wholesale Furniture Broker Home Stratosphere


E Interiors Wholesale Furniture Brokers

First off, E interiors is a mother and daughter interior design duo: how cool is that? This was basically enough to make us follow their instagram account. That, and the fact that both their instagram and blog are insanely calming and super inspirational. These power women throw out winner after winner. These ladies keep us up to date with trends on colours, tips, and tricks on creating more space, organizing, and our personal all time favourite: furniture!

E Interiors x Wholesale Furniture Brokers



Home Made Lovely Wholesale Furniture Brokers

Whenever we are not looking at furniture we are looking at decoration, or what we like to call 'smaller pieces of furniture'. One of our go-to blogs for decorating is Home Made Lovely specifically the decorations by room section (which you can find here). An overall great place for inspiration on the smaller items in your home! We must 100% admit that we often take inspiration from the final look but don't actually do any of the hard work ourselves. We prefer to buy similar items for wholesale prices! 

Home Made Lovely x Wholesale Furniture Brokers


Canada Interiors

Can we afford most of the items or gadgets featured on Canadian Interiors? No. But we are totally okay with that. Canadian Interiors is so much more than a website or blog that offers inspiration. It keeps you up to date about all ins and outs that have anything to do with your 'living space'. It also hosts a Canadian competition in interior design and architecture. Does this all sound a bit vague? That is because there is so much happening on their end - and you'll want to read all about it. Promise. 

Canadian Interior x Wholesale Furniture Brokers







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