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Dream, Dream, Dream: Tricks of How to Improve Your Sleep

Dream, Dream, Dream: Tricks of How to Improve Your Sleep

In this hustle and bustle world, many people go with little to no sleep. You may be a natural night owl, or you may be under pressure at work and leave very little time for rest. If we follow medical advice, each of us will spend one-third of our time sleeping – eight hours per day. It is just a guess, but most people get less than that unless of course, you are a teenager who likes to sleep around the clock (or so parents think).

Research shows that setting the right environment will go a long way to helping with a good night's sleep. The environment includes touch, sound, sight, smell, and taste; in other words, it relates to all your senses. We will investigate how to set up a great environment for the best sleep and give some tips and tricks to help you reset your bedroom.

Choose the Right Mattress Which Best Fits Your Body

Naturally, your bed is going to be a key ingredient in resetting your sleep environment. There are different types of mattresses designed to give you just the right support. It may surprise you, but a mattress is not meant to last a lifetime. Consumer Reports say a mattress should last about ten years provided you treat it properly through turning it end to end and rotating it 180º regularly. Oh, and do not let your kids jump on it.

Here are some descriptions of the types of mattresses that are on the market today.

Pocket Coil

The pocket coil mattress has been around for many decades. Over the years this technology has been perfected to minimize motion, and to distribute the body weight across the surface of the mattress for a good rest.

A coil mattress is versatile; they have a range of in the number of coils. The mattresses with the most coils may offer better support. The amount of spring in each coil will also transfer into the firmness or softness of the bed. The springs work independently to target pressure points. Since coil mattresses are very commonplace, you will find them in a wide range of price points as well.

Memory Foam

The technology behind memory foam is that it will conform to your body and support it just where it needs it. Your natural body alignment will be kept in place as you rest peacefully. Actual testing of memory foam on sleep is difficult because sleep surfaces are so personal; what one person likes may not be liked by another. Some things have been tested such as movement within the bed. With memory foam, the partner will not feel the other's movements like they will with a coil. Memory foam may also work great with older folks keeping their sleep movements to a minimum, and they rest better. There are many anecdotal reports that memory foam mattresses have provided the best sleep around.


A hybrid mattress combines two technologies: pocket coils and memory foam. Typically the coils are on the inside then layered with memory foam on top. What this bed gives you is the pressure point relief of memory foam and the classic support you find in a coil mattress. The best of both worlds, in a sense.

Clean Your Room

Another area to make some updates is in cleaning your room. Remove the clutter, especially on your nightstand. Hang up your clothes. Make your bedroom your sanctuary, an oasis from all the clutter and stress of life. Here are a few easy tips and tricks that will help you create that haven.

Wash Sheets

Clean, fresh sheets are so inviting and fabulous; that light scent that tantalizes your nose and calls you to bed. The smooth, fresh feel of clean sheets on your body is relaxing. In a recent poll, almost 75% said clean sheets were important in getting a good night's sleep.

Make Your Bed

Making your bed every morning can boost your mood. It will give you a sense of accomplishment and prepare you for the day ahead. Fast forward to nighttime, climbing into a clean, fresh bed is relaxing and de-stressing just in itself.

Replace Old Pillows

Many times replacing an old pillow can be the trick for better sleep. Take a look at your pillows. Are they lumpy and misshapen? Are they flatter than they originally were? Do you have to punch and fluff to get it just right? These are indications that it is time for a new pillow. Your pillows should support your head and neck in a natural position.

Deep Clean the Floor

It may not be evident that a clean floor can help with better sleep; however, it does, especially if you have allergies. Vacuuming your floor on a regular basis will remove any dust, dust mites and pollen. An air purifier may also help in removing any allergens.

Plants for Your Bedroom to Help You Sleep Better

Plants in the bedroom have several benefits. One is they are natural air purifiers; they use carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. Plus, plants add a little beauty to your bedroom oasis.

Aloe Vera

An excellent plant with a lot of healing powers inside and out, the Aloe Vera plant makes oxygen day and night. This plant is one of the natural air purifiers. Not only that, but the Aloe Vera plant does not require a lot of maintenance; it does not take much care.

Lavender Plant

The pleasant smell of lavender also has a calming, soothing effect. Just inhaling the scent will have a sedative effect and relieve anxiety helping you to sleep better.

Jasmine Plant

Jasmine is an ancient plant that has been used for relaxing over the centuries. Studies have shown the scent of jasmine to relax you and give you better sleep with less movement.

Let Your Pet Sleep with You – The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Pet lovers far and wide may have different ideas about sleeping with their pets, but it turns out they do have some benefits when it comes to sleep. Mayo Clinic in Arizona conducted a study that shows the majority of people who let their pets sleep with them have a more restful sleep. Sleeping with pets can help you relax, relieve anxiety, and give you a sense of security.

They Fight Insomnia

Their rhythmic breathing is very soothing and brings you comfort.

They Provide Warmth

Cuddling with your pet at night will give you warmth.

They Make You Feel Safe

Having your pet present gives you a sense of security and peace that allows you to relax and fall to sleep easier.


The best way to get a good night’s sleep is to set your bedroom up as a sanctuary for peace and rest. Get the right mattress, keep the lights down low, keep your room clean and free from clutter, set a few air cleansing plants in place, use the scents of lavender and jasmine to calm your mind and body. If you sleep with your pet, make sure there is room for them beside you. All of these things will help set the stage for a better night’s sleep.

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