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Patio Furniture, Ensemble Patio & Patio Sets

Patio Furniture

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Enjoying the fresh air with a morning coffee can be a great way to start your day, or unwinding with a glass of wine on the porch can be a relaxing way to spend your evening. Commonly known as ensemble patio in Canada, having comfortable outdoor wicker patio furniture is essential for those who like to enjoy dining or lounging outdoors during the warmer summer months. We offer a great selection of outdoor patio set- including tables with plastic or glass-tempered surfaces, loveseats or outdoor patio conversation sets, sectional sofas, couches, and dining, reclining, or patio chairs - in a variety of styles and colors specially designed for enduring all-weather and exposure to the natural elements.

Not to mention, Kiji is a popular source for finding inexpensive furniture but GoWFB is the best place to buy cheap patio furniture. Before you begin selecting your pieces, there are a few basic things to consider when it comes to space, practicality, and budgeting.  Make sure you are aware of the dimensions of your deck so you can find pieces that fit.  For smaller spaces, only the essentials are needed, whereas a more spacious porch can accommodate multiple pieces and accessories.

It is also important to have some idea of who will be using outdoor furniture - small family use, or frequent entertaining? Does the area provide some protection from the elements - such as a covered sundeck or sunroom, or will the patio furniture receive full exposure?  Lastly, you need to think about moving and storing your furniture when it is not in use.  We do offer small patio furniture for homes with space limitations. Out of all these things need to be factored into your planning and budgeting and are great places to start to help focus your shopping.

GoWFB also offers fast shipping on patio furniture anywhere in Canada. This includes major metropolitan cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Kelowna, Kamloops, Hamilton, Quebec, Victoria, Winnipeg, Brampton, Montreal, and Mississauga. Some conditions on shipping apply during the patio sale season every year. We encourage customers to check out our deals page for the sale and discount coupons.   

If you need help choosing the pieces that are right for you or have any questions about our products, call us on toll-free number at 1-866-652-0352, or click on our live chat to connect with one of our personal shopping assistants and we will help you find the best patio furniture for your home right away.  Since summer is the best time to buy patio furniture but we offer a special service to store patio furniture for the winter for you. You can buy your patio now and we will deliver it later. 

Patio Furniture Buying Guide 

There are just as many options for furnishing your patio as there are for your living room, so choosing the pieces that suit your needs can be extremely overwhelming.  There are several different types of patio sets which include some basic pieces to get you started.  A bistro set includes a small table - standard or counter height - with usually 2-4 chairs and is great for small spaces, such as a condo or apartment balcony, gazebo, or small porch.  A regular outdoor dining set typically features a larger table with more seating. Conversation sets are more for lounging, and often include a sectional sofa or loveseat, chairs, and coffee or accent end tables.

Check out our curved sectionals, or traditional corner or L-shaped designs. Build your own shape by ordering one of our modular outdoor sectional sofas, and customize the pieces you order to fill your space!  There are also many items that can be added on to any set, such as benches, swings, recliners or Adirondack chairs, umbrellas, ottomans, accent tables, and deck boxes for storage.  The most common materials for constructing patio furniture include:  plastic/PVC - lightweight and often stackable and easy to clean and maintain; wicker - natural rattan, or synthetic resin (all-weather) material that is lightweight, durable, and low-maintenance; aluminum - lightweight and resistant to rusting and fading; wood - a durable and sturdy material with a natural and rustic look, but will fade if not treated; and wrought-iron & steel - solid and durable but prone to rusting.  

Our patio cushions add comfort and color to the overall look of the furniture. Tailored with either Olefin or Sunbrella fabrics in a variety of vibrant colors, we are the leader of quality outdoor furniture upholstery. Check out our exclusive line of Sunbrella patio furniture for extensive color range and upholstery designs. Both materials are mildew, stain, UV, water repellent, and easy to clean, making them ideal outdoor performance fabrics.   

Outdoor Patio Furniture Care and Maintenance

Cleaning patio furniture is easy and simple. All you need is soapy water and a foam scrubber sponge. Here are some of the techniques to clean, repair, restore patio furniture effortlessly. 

  • Plastic/PVC/Resin - [LOW MAINTENANCE] wash with soapy water and rinse. Ie. Resin synthetic wicker.
  • Aluminum/Vinyl - [LOW MAINTENANCE] apply car wax or mineral oil to protect the surface; wash with soapy water and rinse.
  • Teak Wood - [LOW-MODERATE MAINTENANCE] touch up with paint with UV filters to help prevent fading; coat with wood oil to maintain brightness and original finished look; may require light sanding to remove splinters; wash with mild soapy water and rinse.
  • Iron/Steel/Metal - [HIGH MAINTENANCE] apply a protective finish to prevent rusting; may require paint touch-ups for cracks; wash with mild soap and rinse.

Summer can be quite windy sometimes. Therefore, to secure patio furniture from the wind we recommend buying a patio cover to protect your furniture.

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