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Sleigh Beds

Looking for sleigh beds? We offer a wide range of sleigh beds at an affordable price plus we offer free shipping anywhere in Canada.

Sleigh Beds Offer a Modern or Traditional Style for Your Bedroom

A sleigh bed is a style of bed with a scrolled or curved footboard and headboard, resembling, as apparent by the name, a sleigh or sled. Usually made of wood and weighing quite a bit, the sleigh bed first became popular in the early 19th century. A product of the French and American empires, the style is inspired by ancient Greece and Rome.

Most sleigh beds are very traditional in styling and are used in bedroom decor to make a bold statement. These traditional sleigh beds will always have unique scrolled or curved headboard and footboard. However, some more contemporary styles of sleigh beds will use the signature curved headboard without a prominent or curved footboard.

The most common type of sleigh bed is made of wood, however, you can find sleigh beds upholstered in leather or fabric, and they can be made from Iron or other metals. The most popular style of sleigh bed is the Louis Philippe style, a style that represented the bourgeois concern for comfort and desire to showcase their nobility.

Be sure you choose your sleigh bed silhouette carefully as most sleigh beds are larger than the average bed and can cost more.

Choose from a variety of sleigh bed styles, sizes, and colors. Browse traditional bedroom furniture for similar options for your bedroom.