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  • Modloft Sofa Perry Modular Sofa - Available in 2 Colours
    Pending - Modloft Sectionals Perry Sectional 3 Seat Sofa - Available in 2 Colours
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    Original price $5,549.99
    Original price $5,549.99 - Original price $5,549.99
    Original price $5,549.99
    Current price $3,699.99
    $3,699.99 - $3,699.99
    Current price $3,699.99

    Perry Modular Sofa - Available in 2 Colours

    Description Items Included Sofa Elegant in its minimalism, unparalleled comfort, and epic scale, the Perry offers modular components creating en...

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    Original price $5,549.99
    Original price $5,549.99 - Original price $5,549.99
    Original price $5,549.99
    Current price $3,699.99
    $3,699.99 - $3,699.99
    Current price $3,699.99
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Sofas, Canapé & Couches at Factory Price

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Shop a wide range of sofas and sofa sets at cheap price in Canada. We sell premium quality sofa including convertible, leather, microfiber, outdoor, recliner, and modern sofas. Leather sofas create a sophisticated and classy atmosphere. These all types are available in the best designs and quality from which you will find according to your taste and compatible with your room decoration. You can order your desired canapé sofa in Canada at any time to enjoy a great discount and exceptional quality.

Commonly known as a couch or a Canapé in Canada, a sofa is the most important item in your living room or drawing room on which you relax with your family and friends. Without sofas, the decoration of your home cannot complete. The overall look enhances with the addition of beautiful and comfortable reclining sofas that are available in a lot of designs, sizes, colors, and materials.

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Our living room is where you sit and relax with friends and family. Make a good impression by furnishing your living room space with comfortable sofas. You won't have to spend much of your hard-earned money because the couches in our trendy collection are offered at low, wholesale prices. Just like sectionals, you can definitely transform your space into one where you can seat friends and family in comfort and style. Microfiber couches are easy to clean and maintain since they are stain-resistant. Order your new sofa now and save since you will get basic free shipping right to your home in Canada! You can customize your order for a sofa that caters to your particular needs. Call our toll free number for help customizing and ordering your new couch.

The quality and standard of couches we offer you are very high which all are durable and offer you desired comfort through their excellent material and manufacturing. We value your money, and that is why our sofas are available on wholesale price where you will get a lot of variety and options to choose from.

Types of Sofas We Sell in Canada

We are offering you the latest variety of sofas to cater to all your requirements and desires. The options you are available with us are as follows:

Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas have become so popular from the last few years because of the flexibility and comfort it offers to its users. Mostly these sofas are suitable for all types of themes of your home. You will find very high-quality sectional sofas with us as our prices are so reasonable and attractive. They are versatile enough to get adjusted to any furniture decoration, and your room will look attractive and stylish. Different sizes, shapes, and designs are available so that you can choose what you actually need. Buying sectional sofas with us allows you to save a lot of money and get exclusive comfort. All the sectional sofas we offer are made of quality fabric and components. So which one you will choose for your home? Place your order now to enjoy something comfortable.

Sofa Beds

This idea of turning out your sofa into a bed has become very popular in the current time which increases the popularity of Sofa beds in the market. If you want to lie down, you can turn out these sofas into a bed to give support to your back and have a relaxed time. Its shape can be changed in sofa form when you want to sit on it. You will find the best sofa beds with us as we offer a lot of variety of all kinds of sofas. The frames of bed sofas are very important to be strong and versatile as you will change its body. At a wholesale price, you will get bed sofas in all sizes to ensure that all your requirements and spaces are considered highly by us. Pick up your favorite, classy and comfortable sofa bed for your home to enjoy exceptional relaxation without going out of your budget.

Leather Sofas

We are offering the best leather sofa collection in Canada. With our tradition and history of providing high-quality sofas at a very reasonable price, you will find the leather sofas in the same way. All the leather sofas we are offering you are of very high quality which allows you to add much style and elegance to your home’s decoration which cannot be completed without the set of beautiful sofas. If these sofas are of leather, then your room becomes more attractive. So many sizes, colors, and designs of these sofas are available which you will not find anywhere else. You will get an exceptional class and comfort with these sofas while their new look will be maintained even after so many years of use. All our sofas are made of excellent quality leather while a huge variety of styles is also there. You will many styles and designs to choose from.

Recliner Sofas

The recliners come with advanced technologies and innovative designs because of which they have occupied a very remarkable position in the market. People prefer to buy this modern sofa because of its smart and advanced features and amenities they are packed with. With a lot of variety and options, you will find extra comfort and relaxation on recliners after a hectic routine and work. They can be changed in the laying position whenever you want which gives the best support to your back. We are offering a variety of new designs and colors in recliner sofas for your living room and drawing-room. Your neck and back will get such support through which you will get relaxation and pleasure in true sense. Our recliner sofas are made of very good quality and material in different prices though all are reasonable and affordable. Our products ensure long durability, the best value, and comfort to customers.

Condo Sofas

If you have a small house or room where you cannot place large recliners or leather sofas, condo sofas will be the absolute right choice for you. These sofas are made and designed for smaller rooms while looks very classy with the overall decoration of the room. Condo sofas are made usually of 2 seats which are wide and comfortable. We are offering many latest and eye-catching designs which are available at the best price, and you will find it very convenient to buy an excellent condo sofa for your room. These sofas are mostly preferred in apartments where there is no extra space for large furniture that is why they are also known as apartment sofas. You can find a suitable size and design with us without going to different places as we have a lot of variety in this category too. Place order now any of your favorite condo sofas, and you won't get disappointed with our services and quality.

Sleeper Sofas

We are offering a range of versatile and soothing sleeper sofas which are a great source of getting relaxation. These two on one sofa will serve as bed as well as a sofa at the time of need which saves your space as well as money. We have a huge choice in styles, sizes, and colors through which you can choose the comfort and model of your preference. The quality manufacturing and material of our products will give you the desired affordability as well as elegance and style. People who live in small houses or apartments can pick one of our best sleeper sofas to cater to guests easily. The comfortable and soft meters in these sofas will provide you with great relief, and you will get to know that you have spent money in the right place. Our excellent variety of sleeper sofas will give your home a classy look while adding more to your comforts and style. Other than this, you can also browse our outdoor sofas that go great with your patio furniture. 

Related Sofa Accessories

We also need to consider some necessary and related sofa accessories to make the perfect pair. These may include:

Sofa Covers  

After spending money on buying a sofa for your drawing or living room, you must pay attention to their safety and maintenance. For this with sofas, you must purchase beautiful and auspiciously designed sofa covers which will enhance the décor of your room while showing your good taste. Through these covers, the sofas will be saved from stains, dust, and grime. The dust will not be able to spoil the fabric and overall look of your sofa. You will find a lot of fantastic sofa slipcovers which ensure the endurance of your sofa. Many damages can be prevented with sofa covers, and you must buy it with a sofa if you want to make them new and retain for a long time.

Sofa Table

Without sofa tables, you will find an emptiness or incompleteness in your room. The sofa is a crucial furniture element, and so does the sofa table which shows your taste and style for home decoration. They are placed usually in front of sofas so that people who sit on sofas can use it. The sofa tables are essential to place different things like coffee or tea mug, any book, mobile or anything else. You can't place such items on sofas, so the table is a required accessory for sofas. These tables are available in attractive and functional styles to enhance the beauty of your room.

Tips on Buying Sofas Online

Before starting your shopping expedition, determine what size of sofa you would need and learn how to clean sofa and sofa covers. Measure the space you have intended for it so that you won't end up with one that's either too small or too big. Pick out a sofa that goes with the rest of the furniture pieces in your home. You don't want it to be out of place.

Be sure to set your budget so that you won't get one that would cost more than you can afford. If your budget allows, we recommend buying our gel-based sofa cushions separately for more comfortable sitting. Check to see if there are any promos to add more value to your purchase. You can also save money by participating in our sofa sale in Canada.