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Retail vs Wholesale - The Great Debate

Retail vs Wholesale - The Great Debate

IT'S TIME. Maybe the cushions are falling apart. Maybe your pet has claimed their territory all over. Maybe this is your FIRST furniture purchase (How Exciting for You!). Regardless, it's time, and you have to make a decision - where will you get your new digs? 

At Wholesale Furniture Brokers, we offer a plethora of options for our customers, in a variety of price ranges!

Let's take a look at the great Retail vs. Wholesale Debate and discern some of the pros and cons. 

RETAIL - the sale of goods/products from a specific point; malls, departments tores, & markets all make the cut.


    • Brick & Mortar retailers have a more hands-on experience with the customers
    • You can take items home that day (If they fit in your vehicle)
    • Ergonomic - you can use your senses to experience the products
    • Products generally sold for higher unit prices
    • Fewer Options (Colour, Size, Material)
    • You Have To Actually GO THERE


WHOLESALE - the sale of goods/products in bulk at a discount to customers & merchants.


    • Plenty of Choices
    • Economic - Goods Moved in Mass
    • Products Cost Less, Lower Unit Prices
    • Wholesale is Always On Sale
    • Variety of Shipping / Delivery Options
    • Add-Ons For Lower Prices
    • Less Personal / Hands-On With the Customer
    • Products Could Potentially Require Assembly
    • Returns Can Be Tricky


Whats great about Wholesale Furniture Brokers is that we provide our customers with BOTH OPTIONS! If you prefer to shop online, you can do so from the comfort of your own home. If you want to come in and experience the products, you can do that too! With locations in Kamloops, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, and more - you can choose from a variety of shipping and delivery options. WE EVEN ASSEMBLE!

We believe that furnishing your home should be an enjoyable and pleasant experience, which is why we offer INTEREST-FREE FINANCING, with 0% DOWN! Create your very own Six-Month Payment Plan with PayBright and finance your purchase comfortably over a reasonable time frame.

Regardless of what you choose, Wholesale Furniture Brokers will be there to support you, and help you grow through this new adventure. Best of Luck!

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