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Pretty Up Your Patio

Pretty Up Your Patio

Patio Season is upon us! The sun is out, birds are singing, flowers are blooming - you’ve got a deliciously frosty beverage in hand, and all you want to do is park yourself in the sunshine & chill out. And if you’re anything like me, you spend most of your summer evenings out on the deck or front porch; so why not make the most of your outdoor space?

Create your own Oasis right outside your door with these Outdoor Decorating Tips!

Furniture & Accessories

Let your personal style seep through to your outdoor space. Don’t be afraid to bring a rug or a couple of unique decor accessories outside,“You want your outdoor space to feel as luxe and comfortable as your indoor space,” says interior designer Nate Berkus; “you want your patio furniture to be an extension of how you live.” He also suggests adding personal touches like throw blankets draped over chairs, pictures & photos, votives or lanterns, and greenery.

Just keep in mind - these pieces will face some weather; opt for “Weather-Friendly Faux Finishes”. Keep an eye out for furnishings with an attractive faux finish that will hold up to the elements.


You’re not a mushroom - don’t spend summer nights in the dark. Brighten up your space with some lighting so you can spend time with friends and family well into the night! “Lighting is key,” says interior designer Andrew Suvalsky. “If your patio is a completely open space where you can’t hang lighting, then place indoor-outdoor lamps around your space.” Ambient lighting adds sophistication to any backyard get-together.


Monochrome is everywhere - Over the last little while, the colour trend has been 50 -100 Shades of Grey/Brown/Beige, why? Because they go with everything. And I don’t know about you, but I feel like it’s time to brighten things up a bit. Pops of colour are the perfect way to add playful personality to any space - especially the outdoors. We know colours can be overwhelming, so here are a few small ideas on how to incorporate them:

Paint your Bricks ! Even the gnarliest bricks can be dealt with quickly and affordably. Go with a high-quality paint in a classic shade, or try something bold and go with a fresh hue. You won’t regret it.

Throw Some Throw Pillows ! They come in a variety of sizes, patterns, textures, & colours. Find a few you like, mix & match them, and toss them on any chair or conversation set to easily add that wonderful pop of colour.

Add Privacy

Make your patio feel like an addition to your house - enclose it! “Upgrade your patio by adding a pergola or curtains to create a semi-enclosed space,” says interior designer Sarah Vaile of Sarah Whit Interior Design. Outdoor curtains are always a good idea. They provide shade so you don’t have to endure the sun’s scorching rays & when you’re feeling like you need some privacy, close the curtains and take a little cat nap. You have the ability to create a relaxing and intimate, spa-like setting right in your own backyard.

Garden Vertically

If you don’t have a lot of space (or even if you do), consider going vertical! Going up the walls with greenery is a great way to soften hard surfaces and add a “living” element to your overall decor. Look for modern planters in a variety of shapes and sizes, or even interesting wall-mounted planters, and fill them with beautiful flowers for a burst of color or texture on your patio.

Whatever you decide to do with your outdoor space, always remember that even the smallest of spaces can be transformed into something larger than life with a little love, paint, and DIY elbow grease. Have Fun!

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