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bunk beds guide

Bunk Beds: Ultimate Canadian Shopping Guide [Updated 2022]

bunk beds

This bunk bed shopping guide is updated on January 3, 2022, to help customers make the best buying decision online when shopping for bunk beds.

Are you looking to purchase bunk beds in Canada for your kids but don't know much about them? If you answered yes, you are in the right place! This is the ultimate shopping guide for toddler bunks beds in Canada. After reading this guide, you will be confident enough to choose the right bunk bed for your kids.
Before we dive into the overwhelming guide, you must ask yourself two main questions.

  1. Why do I want a bunk bed?
  2. What is my bunk bed shopping budget?

We can only answer the first question. Bunk beds are a very efficient and modern furniture solution for your kid’s bedroom. They provide sufficient sleeping space in a limited size room. Various configurations are available to acquire this space solution. We will discuss these configurations later in the guide. But the prime reason for buying a bunk bed is to provide your kids with happiness and a sense of togetherness - plus they are super space savers!

To answer the second question, if you have a very tight budget, you can find affordable bunk bed options for kids on our weekly sales page.

Bunk Bed Structure:

A bunk bed is essentially a combination of two or more sleeping beds stacked together with the help of wooden footboards. If it is a metal bunk bed, they are supported by a metal column. The shape and size of individual sleeping beds decide the overall configuration of bunk beds. But overall bunk beds are just a systematic placement of individual beds on top of one another.

Generally, a stairway chest ladder comes along with the bunk bed, which helps the child climb up and into the bunk bed. But it is not a guarantee. If you are buying a triple bunk bed, a wooden section provided at the foot is used to climb up. Hence, there is no ladder with your purchase.  
Let us now examine some of the most popular bunk beds for kids, and their various configurations available online.

Bunk Bed Configurations:

The following wooden bunk bed types are widely popular in Canada and the United States. Here are the possible configurations:

Twin over Twin Bunk Bed

twin over twin bunk bed

A Twin over Twin is a group of two single size beds stacked together with appropriate support. Many people get confused with the name, so to remember, the configuration easily you can call it a "Single over Single" bunk bed. This configuration is a favourite of Canadians. We have sold over 10,000 Twin over Twin bunk beds online and in our showroom. They are easy to install and assemble at home!

    Twin over Full Bunk Bed:

    twin over full bunk bed

    A Twin over Full is a combination of a single size bed over a full-size bed. Again, to remember it easily, you can use the name Single over Full bunk bed. As you can see in the image, three kids can easily sleep in this bunk bed. Two at the bottom and one on the top. 

      Full over Full Bunk Bed:

      full over full bunk bed

      As the name suggests, there are two double size beds which are stacked together with the help of a wooden plank. Four (4) kids can easily sleep on a full over full bunk bed. This is the second most favourite bunk bed configuration amongst Canadians. We have lots of customers asking for full over full bunk beds. These types of bunk beds require significant space in the bedroom but are perfect for older children & teens. They can even be used in College Dorms or at the Cabin!

      Triple Bunk Bed:

      triple bunk bed

      A triple bunk bed is a combination of 3 individual beds. Sometimes they are called loft bunk beds. There can be a total of four configurations of a triple bunk bed. They are Twin/twin/twin, Full/Full/Full, Twin/Full/Full, Twin/Twin/Full. However triple bunk beds are not widely popular,  yet still hold a significant place in the furniture market.

        Now you know all types of bunk beds that you can find online, and you can make a more educated decision as to which one is the most suitable for your kids. But these wooden bunk beds are simply frames - they are incomplete without a mattress! So, let take a look at some information regarding bunk bed mattresses.

        Bunk Bed Mattresses:

        A mattress is an indispensable part of any bunk bed. They come in various sizes and materials. At Wholesale Furniture Brokers, we recommend a 6-inch memory foam mattress for any bunk bed. The reason is, our 6-inch memory foam mattress improves overall sleep by offering the support, comfort, and firmness that body needs.

        If you buy a full over full or twin over a full bunk bed, you need to buy a 6-inch full memory foam mattress. You will be glad to know that our memory foam mattresses for bunk beds come with 10-year, money-back warranties. On top of that, we also offer 90-day mattress protection plans!

        Find out more about our mattress protection plan here

        Bunk Bed Colour Options:

        We know that everyone wants to buy furniture that is unique to their individual style and colour palette. We appreciate your love of colour. Which is why we've invested in making our customers happier by adding several colour options to our bunk bed inventory. Some of our bestselling colour options are White, Grey, Pink, Espresso, Amber wash, and Rustic Grey.  

        Bunk Bed Material:

        Normally bunk beds are made of wood and/or metal. You may find some different materials, but they are not very common in Canada. We offer Pinewood and Fraser wood bunk beds. Fraser wood is imported from Vietnam and it is moderately durable - used to make loft beds. Whereas the Pinewood is super durable and can last for 15 years! Also, the weight-bearing capacity of the Fraser is less compared to the Pinewood. So, if are looking to buy a serious solid bunk bed, which will last for years, we recommend going for Pinewood.

        Bunk Bed Dimensions:

        Following along the line, we now provide information on the bunk bed size and dimensions. Here are the standard dimensions of the Pinewood bunk beds which we offer online.

        1. Twin over Twin: 78"W x 43"D x 61"H
        2. Full over Full: 78"W x 60"D x 62"H
        3. Twin over Full: 78"W x 60"D x 61"H

        Bunk Bed Installation:

        Just so you know, all of the bunk beds or loft beds require assembly. A proper installation guide is always provided in the boxes along with the actual product. You can also go to our resources section, where we have provided a step by step installation video. If you do not feel qualified enough to install the bunk yourself, you can choose the "Inside Placement" option during the checkout. However, there are some charges associated with the inside placement and assembly.

        Check out our Shipping & Delivery page to find out more!

        Bunk Bed Safety Manual:

        Please keep in mind that bunk beds can be very dangerous for your children. As the height of these loft beds is moderately high, proper supervision is required by an adult while kids climb up. Here are some of the safety guidelines provided by the Government of Canada for using a bunk bed.

        • Children must be at least 6 years old before they can use the top bunk.
        • Children should always use the ladder when getting on or off the top bunk.
        • Only 1 person should be on the top bunk at a time.
        • Only play under a top bunk bed if the lower space is designed by the manufacturer as a play area.
        • Keep large toys or heavy objects off the top bunk.
        • Never tie anything to the bed. Cords, sashes or ropes can strangle a child.


        This concludes our ultimate guide on bunk beds. Kids bunk beds are super space savers. Always keep an eye out for our latest bunk beds sale which runs from time to time. After reading this guide, you should be confident enough to move forward with your bunk bed selection. If you are still hesitant, feel free to chat with us and our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you with whatever questions you may have. Happy Shopping!

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