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sectional sofas guide

Sectional Sofas: Ultimate Canadian Shopping Guide [Updated 2020]

sectional sofas

This shopping guide has been updated on January 13, 2020, to help our customers make the best buying decision when buying a sectional sofa online in 2020.

Are you looking for sectional sofas online? Well, you are in the right place! This is the ultimate sectional sofa guide for Canadians who want to buy modern sectional sofas for small spaces or living room. In this guide, we are going to uncover some of the most popular sectionals selling online. We promise you that after reading this guide, you will be 100% confident to properly analyze any sectional sofa online before making any purchase. So, without further ado lets dive into the sectional sofa guide.

Sectional Sofa Requirements:

Why do YOU need a sectional sofa? The simple answer is that sectionals are space savers and provide enormous sitting space. One can argue that even sofas provide sufficient sitting space so why one should invest in sectionals? While sectionals can sit comfortably in the corners, traditional sofas are not capable to capture corner space. The L-shape sectionals are designed specifically for this purpose. Also, U-shape sectionals can float easily in the middle of the living room without any problem.

Moreover, sectional sofas come with modular capabilities. Our modular sectional sofas can break down into individual loveseats or reclining sofas. The traditional sofas are a stationary piece of furniture and cannot be taken apart. Therefore, sectional sofas for small spaces are boon to the living rooms.

Sectional Sofa Construction Material:

All of our sectional sofas are constructed using solid plywood. You will rarely find a metal-based sectional online. At Wholesale Furniture Brokers, we believe in providing our customers with the best quality furniture. Hence, we have invested a lot of money in importing high-quality pine woods to construct our sectionals. The pinewood is super durable and can withstand extra weight on the base. Therefore, you won't have to worry about the number of people sitting on your sofa, because our pinewood sectional can handle up to 500 kgs!

  1. Bonded leather
  2. Fabric

The bonded leather sectional sofas include Sacramento, Toronto Tufted, Hollywood Faux, and Aura Top Grain bonded leather sectional sofas. They are available in black, white, espresso and grey color options.  As a matter of fact, grey sectionals are very popular among Canadians. Bonded leather is a chemical compound that is stronger than original leather. Every employee at Wholesale Furniture Brokers is against animal cruelty. Hence, we proudly present eco-sense leather sectionals. They are made with man-made PVC compounds.

We know that leather is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, we provide different fabric sectional sofas that can help bring your living room to life. We offer linen, microfiber and luxury suede fabric options for fabric sectional sofa lovers.

Sectional Sofa Configurations:

sectional sofa configurations

As you can see above, there are more than 10-different configurations possible with a sectional sofa. These configurations are possible only because of individual modular parts. Let’s talk about them one by one.
  • Left Arm Chair: As the name suggests, the left armchair helps a person sitting on the extreme left of the sectional sofa. They can be installed in both L-type and U-type sectionals.
  • Armless Chair: These are individual sectional components that collectively make the entire sectional. They are easily visible in small sectionals.
  • Armless Loveseat: In a modular sectional sofa, there are two sets of love seats that can be taken apart. You can enjoy sitting with your partner closely with a reclining loveseat.
  • Right Arm Chair: You are buying an L-shape sectional, you can easily find the right armchair. This is also useful for people who want to buy a round sectional for the living room.
  • Corner Chair: We have seen people avoiding a chair in the corner. The reason is simple chairs do not fit well in the corners. But that’s not the case with our corner chairs. They sit well in the corners and provide a sufficient space solution.

These configurations effortlessly turn normal sofas into modern sectional sofas. You can choose from a wide range of reclining sectionals sofas from our vast inventory at wholesale prices.

Sectional Sofas Types:

L-shape Sectionals:

l shape sectional

L-shape sectionals are very common in Canada. You will see this type of sectional in almost every household. The simple reason is that this type of sectional is very efficient in maximizing sitting options in a compact space. If you like to use the extra corner space in your living room, we suggest you buy an L-shaped sectional. They immediately become the focal point of the room, which is good for large living spaces and offices.


U-shape Sectionals:

U-shape sectional

The U-shaped sectional is a great configuration for the center of a contemporary living room. It's the perfect choice for homes that host a lot of guests, since everyone gets to face each other, making conversation a breeze. The U shape can also be achieved with one sofa and two chaise lounges if you want to maximize comfort.

Sleeper Sectionals:

sleeper sectionals

Expecting guests tonight but do not have an extra bed? Do not worry, we also offer sleeper sectionals! You might be wondering how exactly they are used for sleeping? Well, our sleeper sectionals have a retractable sleeping bed under the hood. You can simply use a mattress to sleep over it. The other type of sleeper sectional sofa that we have is a modular type. The chaise can be brought down with a gentle push and it becomes a double bed sleeper. Sleeper sectionals are very useful for small apartments.

Reclining Sectionals:

reclining sectionals

Everyone loves to lift their feet and relaxing while watching television. Well, at least we do! Wholesale Furniture Brokers proudly presents reclining sectionals. Keep in mind, that the two extreme armchairs of the sectional have the reclining feature. The middle ones do not recline. A manual piston is provided on both the ends to perform the recline.

Sectional Sofas Care:

Sectionals demand a great investment of money and time. Therefore, one must take care of them from time to time. Every sectional sofa comes with a tag that can be found under the base. The tag provides a code. Please take note of the code and follow the guidelines.
Find out which type of cleaning solution will work for your microfiber upholstery by looking for a tag on your sofa with the microfiber code. You can also check for any warnings on the tag. The tag will indicate one of the following codes:

W: Use a water-based cleaner.
S: Use a solvent-based cleaner including rubbing alcohol.
S-W: Use either S or W type cleaners.
X: Vacuum only. You can't use water or solvent-based cleaners.

Sectional Sofas Accessories:

You can enhance the overall look of your sectional by adding matching accessories. Our two most favorable furniture items that you can associate with a sectional sofa are Cushions and Ottomans. At Wholesale Furniture Brokers, we provide special discounts on ottomans if a customer buys sectional with them. Our modern ottomans have clean lines and a great trendy style.

Sectional Sofas Warranty:

You will be glad to know that every sectional you purchase comes with a One (1) Year Manufacturing Warranty. This includes manufacturing defects or damage during shipping. You can file a claim under our claims section. For more information on claims, please refer to our “Claims & Warranty” page.


This concludes our sectional sofas buying guide. We hope that this guide gave you some insight into the furniture world - and hopefully, you feel more confident going forward with your purchase. If you like this guide, please share this guide with your friends or someone who is looking to buy sectionals. Let us know which sofa you bought and why in the comment section down below.  

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