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Murphy Beds: Ultimate Canadian Shopping Guide

Murphy Beds: Ultimate Canadian Shopping Guide

Are you planning on purchasing a new bed? Murphy beds are growing in popularity and are worth exploring. They are minimalist in design and give your room a lot more function and space. If you are interested in the perfect murphy bed, then look no further. Here, we present to you a guide for buying murphy beds. Before any further ado, let us get into it.

What Are Murphy Beds?

Murphy beds are essentially a bed frame that can be stored away when not in use. They are usually wall-mounted or moveable cabinets with foldable mattresses. Imagine all of the space you will have if you can simply lift your bed off the floor or fold up your mattress and put it back into the cabinet when you are not using it. That’s a lot of extra floor space you can use during the day.

What Mechanisms Are Used For Pull Down Wall Beds?

The two different mechanisms used in pull-down wall beds are piston and spring lift mechanisms. Both make pulling down and lifting up murphy wall beds easy. Let us look at how they work.

  • Piston Lift Mechanism: The piston lift mechanism uses air or gas pressure to assist in lowering and lifting the murphy bed frame. A piston lift mechanism occupies less space and consists of only a few moving parts. It is designed for everyday use and does not get metal fatigue. As a safety precaution, this type of mechanism prevents accidental opening when not in use. When this mechanism is worn out, it needs to be fully replaced since it cannot be adjusted.

  • Spring Lift Mechanism: The spring lift mechanism uses heavy springs to assist in lowering and listing the murphy bed. The mechanism tension can be adjusted to make it easier to lift and lower the bed. Over time, the springs can sag. The springs in the mechanism can be adjusted or replaced easily.

How Are Murphy Beds Mounted On Walls?

It is important that you securely mount a wall bed to the wall to prevent it from falling over. You will want to read the wall mounting instructions for wood, metal, or masonry wall structures. If you have a different wall structure, then you will want to contact a professional to mount the wall bed. The instructions will let you know which tools you will need. When you proceed to mount the wall bed, you will need to find the studs you will attach the wall bed to with a stud finder. It is important that you also measure the space you will use before you begin drilling holes in your wall. You can measure the space when you have found the studs in the wall. Make sure you will have enough space to fully open the wall bed. Murphy wall beds will require you to drill mounting brackets in the wall for you to securely mount the murphy bed.

What Materials Are Used To Make Murphy Beds?

Murphy beds are mainly constructed with wood materials. Here are the differences between them:

  • Solid Wood: This type of wood is strong and durable. Each piece of wood has its own unique wood grains. The wood might warp over a long time. Murphy beds made with solid wood are usually made of cedar, mahogany, oak, or pine.

  • Plywood: This is made with several thin layers of wood. Plywood resists warping, but my have knots which could lead to structural weaknesses.

  • Particle Board: It is made from compressed wood particles. It can be made to look like real wood, but it is not as durable.

  • MDF: It is made like particle board, but with finer wood particles. The wood is denser and more durable than particle board.

What Are Safety Features?

Murphy wall beds are designed with safety features to prevent it from opening on its own or closing when in use. Wall beds are also securely attached to the wall to prevent them from falling over when opening, closing, or using.

What Are The Different Styles Of Murphy Beds?

There are quite a few different styles of murphy beds available in the market. Let us look at the top four.

  • Single and Bunk Bed Pull Down Wall Beds: Pull-down beds are the easiest to use once they are installed properly. You can pull down the bed and lift it back up in seconds. The Nebula Murphy Pull-Down Wall Bed is a great example. It features a minimalist look and two handles to pull down the bed frame.
  • Credenza, Chest, Cabinet Beds With A Foldable Mattress: Another option for you is getting a credenza, chest, or cabinet bed that has a mattress folded inside. You will need to put pieces in place before you unfold the mattress. A great example is the Murphy Cube Cabinet Bed. It features a compact design that can be moved. Some cabinet beds also come with storage drawers like the Alpine Cabinet Bed.
  • Murphy Beds With A Desk: Some murphy beds have options to create a more functional space. The Lumina Queen Murphy Bed With Desk is an example of a wall bed that also has a desk you can use when the bed frame is lifted up. This is a great option for a bedroom you want to also use as an office.
  • Murphy Beds With A Sofa: A murphy bed with a sofa is a perfect addition to any living room. It provides you with a comfortable seating arrangement as well as a bed. The Nebula Wall Bed is an example of a wall bed with a sofa that you can turn into a bed.

What Is The Difference Between Vertical And Horizontal Murphy Beds?

Murphy wall beds can be designed vertically or horizontally. You can choose the design that best fits your space. A vertical murphy bed is designed to fit standard ceiling heights and take up a narrower width space on the wall. A horizontal murphy bed is designed for lower ceiling heights and take up a wider width on the wall. Handles to lower a murphy wall bed may be placed lower on a horizontal murphy bed.

What Are The Sizes Of Murphy Beds?

Murphy beds come in a variety of sizes. Most options you will find are in  full, and queen sizes. Some do and do not include a mattress, so you may need to purchase a mattress that fits the size of the murphy bed. You should check the recommended mattress thickness when choosing a mattress to go with your murphy bed.

What Are Alternatives To Murphy Beds?

If you would like to compare alternatives to murphy beds, then we recommend that you check out bunk beds, loft beds, and sofa beds. These products also offer space saving sleeping solutions and even additional storage.

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