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platform beds shopping guide

Platform Beds: Ultimate Canadian Shopping Guide

Known to prevent many common sleeping disorders, platform beds are quite popular in Canada. With the absence of a box spring, not only they are cheap but also suitable for small apartments. If you are looking to buy a new platform bed for your bedroom, this ultimate shopping guide is your best resource to know all the ins and outs of a platform bed. 

What is a Platform Bed

A platform bed is a type of bed with a solid wood frame and wooden slats in the middle that does not require a box spring. As compared to a conventional bed, platform bed has a very low height above the ground which makes them super comfy and convenient to use. Especially lower height allows kids to climb up with ease.

In addition, platform beds do not come with headboards and footboards but are sold separately making it easy to customize at a later point of time. You can choose matching colors and style your bedroom with a wide range of color combinations.

Types of Platform Bed

types of platform beds

Although all the platform beds have the same flatbed style, they come in different sizes. Here are some of the popular configurations you can find in our online store that is popular in Canada.

  1. Twin Platform Bed: A twin size platform bed is basically a single size bed which can accommodate only 1 person at a time. The standard dimensions are 39"W x 75"L x 15"H. It is the perfect minimalist solution for your bedroom. You might have seen one of these in guest rooms or hotels. They are called “Twin” because they are supposed to be one of a matching pair of single beds.
  2. Full-Size Platform Bed: A full platform bed can accommodate two adults easily or in other words, it is a combination of two twin beds. Mattresses measuring 54 inches by 75 inches are ideal for these beds. You can choose from memory foam, serenity, or bamboo mattress on our store.
  3. Queen Size Platform Bed: Bring home the queen platform bed to make your queen happier. This configuration especially is widely popular among Canadians. Many people have been asking this online that how big is queen size bed actually? Well, queen size beds are 21" wider and 5" longer than a twin bed and 6" wider and 5" longer than a double size bed.
  4. King Size Platform Bed: Finally, is the king size. A king size platform bed is wider than a queen bed. While a queen size bed is 60 inches (152 cm) wide, a king-size bed is 76 inches (193 cm) wide. Both bed sizes are 80 inches (203 cm) long. This is a bed for master bedroom, and you can get lots of options on our online store for the same.

Platform Bed Assembly Instructions

platform bed assembly

Although platform beds tend to appear simpler than any other furniture item, we suggest you set aside 20-25 minutes for the entire assembly. To keep things easy to understand, I am listing down step by step platform bed assembly instructions down below.

Step 1: Clean the room where platform bed is to be installed.

Step 2: Unbox the item and keep headboard against the wall in the vicinity where it will be installed when you are finished.

Step 3: Read the instruction manually carefully

Step 4: Start setting the side rails in the place against the mounting slot in the headboard.

Step 5:  Set the footboard; if you bought one, at the free ends of the side rails and attach them to the footboard.

Step 6: Attach the center railing firmly and install the side holdings. The size holding on both sides keeps the mattress from sliding on a platform bed.

Step 7: Place the mattress and install the bedding to complete the installation.

Do many people ask what kind of mattress is best for a platform bed? Well, it all depends on your own comfort and state of your health. However, memory foam mattresses are very good for people with certain backbone disorders, a firm bamboo mattress is ideal for everyone.

Speaking of those who are into DIY stuff, you can easily build a platform bed by looking at the instructions mentioned on the carton label of our product. Wholesale Furniture Brokers supports the DIY projects and have donated parts and pieces to the needy ones to help build their own platform bed in the past.

Where to Buy Platform Beds?

Although there are many places to buy a platform bed in Canada, Wholesale Furniture Brokers is the best place. Why? Because we offer high quality traditional and modern platform beds at factory price with fast shipping anywhere in Canada. Not only that you get extended warranty on parts such as headboards, railings, mattress etc. GoWFB has been selling platform beds since 2002 online and offline in Canada and has received highest customer ratings in the past.

A large inventory of beds is available which can browse online. If you did not find anything you were looking for just drop an email or start a chat with our amazing customer service. We will help you anyway possible to help you find the best furniture of your dreams. You can also signup for our newsletters and get 5% of off on your first order.  

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