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How to Arrange Sectional Sofa in Living Room

How to Arrange Sectional Sofa in Living Room

sectional sofa

Learn how to how to arrange a sectional sofa in the living room for comfortable sitting and maximize overall living room space.

The overall arrangement depends upon the configuration of the sectional sofa. While sectionals are generally placed at the corners, U shaped reclining sectionals need to at the center to allow flexibility and modular functionality in the space. In fact, most Canadians like to assemble their sectional sofa at the focal point of the living room to eliminate wall restrictions.

Based on your sectional sofa type, here are 5 things you need to consider before installing a sectional:

1. Sufficient Space Around Sectional Sofa

You need to provide sufficient space around the sofa to help people reach their seats on the sofa. We have seen people struggling to get to their seats during living room parties and events.

2. Locate the Focal Point

For an L-shape sectional, locate the focal point in the living room and start assembling the sofa pieces together by placing the centerpiece first in the queue. This will allow you to control the room spacing as per needs. Once you have an idea about the overall size, you can remove or add the additional pieces together to maximize the sitting capacity of the furniture.

3. Stay Clear of Fireplace

Although most people tend to position their furniture near the fireplace, we recommend placing your fabric sectional sofa away from the fireplace. Since fabric material, such microfiber is quite susceptible to catch fire, we recommend placing a metal chair near the fireplace or chimney. Alternatively, you can buy a leather sectional if you must arrange sitting near fireplace.

4. Use Small Coffee Tables

In case your sectional sofa comes with a chaise, it is advised to place a small coffee table in front. Since chaise occupies extra space in the target area, adding a small table compensates the loss of living space giving you more room for other living room furniture accessories.

5. Do Not Block any Doorway or Windows

This goes without saying that you should arrange your sectional sofa away from the doorways. In the case of L-shape sectionals, try to push sectional to the wall opposite to window to allow fresh air into the room.    

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